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Harvard, Massachusetts USA

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Subject:Remember Stuck's LeMans Interview With Larry Nuber?
Date:Sat, 03 Feb 2001 14:56:56 -0500
From:David Minton

Sam, David, and Bob!

Great job as always, guys. Greetings from the Northwest Connecticut

As I try to keep the website I run (www.rickaracing.com) current (Rick
DiIorio is in #34 w/Pumpelly), I can really appreciate the job you all
have been doing so well, for so long. I can't imagine how you can
maintain your aplomb with earpieces chattering, and information flowing
in on all channels for hour after hour. Much less eat, or otherwise.

I can remember 40 years ago, when Newt Davis would shout the latest
International Racing news up to my bedroom window in Lime Rock, and
current media coverage was only found in Road & Track, 3 months after
the fact. Today, I am running live updates to a website, informed beyond
belief by you and your networks fine work.

Do you remember about 10 years ago, the late Larry interviewing Stuck
at around 3:00 am, and Stuckie says to the world on live feed, "Vee vas
running, as vee say, balls out". Dear Nuber doubled over, laughing one
the most timelessly hearty laughs I have ever seen. I hope you remember,
and can get a bit silly during the midnight shift.

All my best, and I am gonna try to stay up with you all night and keep
Rick's website current.

David Minton

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