August 1, 2001

Harvard, Massachusetts USA

Age and Treachery go up against Youth and Daring
OK, OK. I admit that that Spinner Pumpelly is faster than me. Of course he does have all the aces in his corner, he gets the best tires, a fresh car, and has way more track time in those evil Porsche GTR's (those German things with the motor at the Lombardi end of the car.)

And of course, as the babyfaced trustfund boychild said as he plunked his Titanium Amex on the Boathouse Restaurant's table, "You underestimate just how young and stupid I am."

It is hard to believe with an ego as big as his, that he can't find female companionship without paying for it or inflating the doll.

So just to put this "bet" in perspective. A sucker bet that he is gonna lose in front of thousands of Canadian fans, including the full membership of the Ricka Racing Fan Club, it is his team, and Steve's car. I am the underdog!

And as for belts, well, he is one who always does the belts, and just because "Skinny Spinner Pompous-elly" is a different sized person than those of us who eat real manly food several times a day, why should I take the rap. I think we should issue him a phone book to sit on, and then the belts would fit his puny little frame!

Oh, and not that I would take a parting shot at my dear friend, colleague, and teammate, BUT I MUST mention the fact that he has spun in every race this year except Road America, where he was too busy simultaneously trying to find a gear, and figure out how to reset the telltale on the tach before Stevo got his eyes on 11,500rpm's on an 8200rpm redlined $100,000 motor.

In fact, he spun so many times at Lime Rock that the team has started to carry Dramamine in its toolbox, just in case he repeats his recent ballet perfomance. After one of his regularly scheduled pirouettes, he started going counter race looking for pits. The corner workers had to act like cornermen at a boxing match. They made him take a whiff of smelling salts to cut though the dizziness and find right direction home to the pits in his square wheeled German hot rod.

But, as the endlessly self-amused boy wonder of car control says, "Being fast is spinning all the time."

Seriously, though, I have a lot of respect for him, he is good fast driver.

But we are finally going to a track where ol' Spinner just can't spin without putting it into a wall. Although knowing the lad, and his dumb luck, he may yet find a way to loop it at gnarly Trois Rivieres without crashing. May the best man win (and the young man spin!)

- Rick 

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