02/03/01 11:00

Harvard, Massachusetts USA

A Rick DiIorio Phone Call
Rick DiIorio has called me on his cell phone from some pretty cool places, and never said a word!!!

Have you ever heard an F1 car scream into your ear from a Toronto street? Or a AA fuel dragster on the line. Wonderful thing to have come into your living room.

Just spent 10 minutes listening from the pit wall at Daytona. Amazing! Never a pause...one after another, growling, snarling, screaming engines non-stop. The race had begun to become a humming drone on Speedvision. Blammo! Hey, for most folks it is almost bedtime, and a down in Chad land lot of people are going VERY VERY fast and intend to keep doing so ALL NIGHT LONG! Think I will hang in there for a while, as well.

Ha! Thank You Rick, do call again! Vrooom...

- David 

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