02/04/01 11:00

Harvard, Massachusetts USA

Still There after 22 Hours!
I feel guilty as hell, sitting here warm and dry in my New England living room, watching the wet survivors of the Florida night still at it. The #34 Pumpelly Racing Porsche GT 3R has crawled its way up the field, and is NINTH in GT!!! The #40 Mac Racing of Cattaneo/DeCastro/Bicciato/Bugane is on the same lap, down some 68 laps from the leading Corvette.

That's right, our guys are in 15th overall and still going strong. Much new viewer attention has come from the Earnhart presence, and they too are still plugging away in 5th overall after transmission, and halfshaft replacement last night around 11:00.

Quite the thing to see the thousands of emails flowing in to the hard working Speedvision announcing team. This may have been a very important moment in road racing, and the ALS had better take another look at it fundamental concepts. The new fans of road racing that have just been exposed to the challenge and drama of endurance racing are wondering where the factories are. Tough to explaining the scism in the sport to those of us who know motorracing and the other contest, the one between Panoz' ALS series and NASCAR/Dyson's Grand-Am concept. Lets hope the opportunity is not lost.

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