Harvard, Massachusetts USA

Road America 500 Approaches
We have arrived in Chicago a week early to get a taste of the racetrack. Thanks to Steve's generosity the Zip Pumpelly team drivers proceeded to have the time of our lives driving a V-12 Aston Martin DB7 as well as a Ferrari 550 Marenello around the historic Road America circuit. I was black flagged for several minor infractions of the Track Time policies, but with some convincing I was allowed to continue. Of course at the end of the day I had to endure the burden of driving the 400+ horsepower Ferrari back to Chicago the whole time trying to keep up with Steve in the DB7.

On day two, the three of us went back to the track to drive the Track Time BMW's Z3s. This time, with a little less pressure, horsepower, and speed, we were able to learn the track a bit better. It has been a truly magnificent time thanks to Steve's hospitality and we are looking forward to this weekend’s race, the Road America 500, with high expectations.

Keep an eye on www.rickaracing for updates on the team's progress throughout the weekend.

- Rick 

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